Join Us for the Relaunch of the Ceph User + Developer Monthly Meeting!

Laura Flores


We’re happy to announce a relaunch of the Ceph User + Developer Monthly Meeting – a virtual platform that has long been in our community for encouraging discussion and collaboration between users and developers. With this relaunch, we aim to recenter the platform around user-facing topics that go beyond immediate bug reports, such as long-term improvements and knowledge sharing.

The relaunch will take place on September 21st, 10:00am EST at this link:

Read on to discover more about this redesigned platform!

Amping Up Community Participation

An overarching goal of the relaunch is to capture feedback and generate ideas to continuously improve Ceph. On the developer side of things, expect to see representatives from all Ceph components there to help resolve and triage user topics. On the user side of things, we encourage users of all backgrounds to come prepared with thoughts, experiences, and questions about Ceph. From beginner questions about Ceph to insights on advanced workloads, we want to hear what you have to say!

Broader than Just Bugs: A Forum for Long-Term Improvement

While immediate problems like bugs and upcoming release dates will remain important discussion topics, we want this new platform to focus equally on long-term project goals. We invite users to propose longer-term ideas such as feature requests that will be integral in helping developers deliver what users actually want. Is there a new feature you’d like to see in an upcoming release? Is there a long-existing issue with Ceph that developers should focus on improving? Bringing these ideas to the table will help shape the future of Ceph.

A Note for Developers: Feedback Goes Both Ways!

This forum isn’t only for users to propose ideas; we encourage developers to do the same! Do you need feedback on a new feature idea? Are you worried about how a major code change will affect various workloads? Asking for user feedback is a powerful way to shape your ideas for maximum (or minimum) impact.

The Power of Community: Knowledge Sharing

Have you recently overcome a major issue with your cluster? Battled through a complex upgrade process? We encourage you to share your success (or perhaps lack-of-success) story with the group! With this new platform, we aim to use collective community knowledge to drive deeper discussions around Ceph’s usability and use cases. With developers also chiming in their expertise during these discussions, we can all help set each other up for success.

A New Format: Focus Topics and Open Discussions

The first half of each meeting will spotlight a focus topic. Community members will have the opportunity to pre-submit topics to this Google form, where one will be chosen as the theme that will drive that month’s discussion. Our goal with this format is to streamline conversation and ensure that everyone learns something valuable! For those who prefer to ad-lib their topics, not to worry – the second half of each meeting will be reserved for open discussion where any Ceph-related topic is game.

Join us at the relaunch on September 21st, 10:00am EST!

The User + Developer Monthly Meeting relaunch is a Ceph Foundation initiative.

Did you know? Every Ceph release is built and tested on resources funded directly by the non-profit Ceph Foundation. If you would like to support this and our other efforts, please consider joining now